Disclaimer:  I am NOT a Y2K freak or a militia wacko. If you are looking for tips on hoarding supplies, becoming a shut-in or building nuclear fallout shelters, you've come to the wrong place. There are plenty of nut cases out there who intersperse "survival" information amongst heaps of "end of the world" bullshit. These folks are scare-mongerers at best. Some are dangerous individuals. If you are looking for "earth-friendly" or "green" survival information, you should leave now... you will not like what I have to say. Go cuddle a shrub on someone else's site.

 These pages are dedicated to keeping folks alive in the wilderness for the SHORT TERM, whether lost, injured, or stuck somewhere. I've seen too many stories in the news where hikers and hunters die due to lack of knowledge, and if this site can help to prevent a tragedy, it will have been well worth the time spent building it. The skills shown on this site are based on many years spent camping, hiking, and hunting. As a kid, I happily camped through blizzards and sub-zero temperatures. These skills also come from time spent at the USAF Survival School at Fairchild AFB in Washington State. Between my own hands-on outdoor experiences and some extensive research, I have gathered and assembled here what I would estimate to be the simple but effective skills that almost anyone can use.

 If I could stress one key point up front, it would be to inform people of EXACTLY where you are headed, and PRECISELY when you should be expected back. If you have properly notified responsible folks of your intended location(s), a survival situation should last for hours, not days!


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Welcome to M40's Wilderness Survival Site

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SURVIVAL PRIMER - Quick reference sheet of basic tips and pointers.

FIREMAKING - Some basic, and not-so-basic skills.

SHELTER - How to find or build it fast.

WATER - How to find and treat water.

KNIVES & KNIFEMAKING - Choosing or making a decent field blade.

HUNTING AND SNARING - How to thump some chow using primitive weapons and tools.

NAVIGATION - How to use a compass (or other sources) to find your way.

WILDERNESS CAMPING TIPS - Tips that will save you time, money, and aggravation.

BUILD A SURVIVAL KIT - Most materials are readily found, and I have sourced the rest.

M40's TEN CENT Survival Knife - See how it's easily made in just a few minutes.

MOTHER NATURE - Don't get romantic with her unless you bring some protection!


M40 Review - Ranger Rick's Survival Necklace. A good value.

Turn a $20 Ghurka Knife into a Respectable Survival Knife - Another M40 Basement Project

THE READERS RESPOND - Some tips and advice from those of you who have emailed

SURVIVORMAN - By popular demand, I've rated this TV series.

M40's MAILING LIST - By popular demand - Stay updated on new pages as I add them!